What is a solar inverter?

Apr 10, 2022 | Solar energy

When mentioning and talking about a solar power plant, the informal conversation often focuses exclusively on photovoltaic panels. Their efficiency, dimensions, and other characteristics are commented on. But the heart of the whole system is another component. It is the inverter.

An inverter is a device that can convert direct current to alternating current, while a rectifier has the opposite function. Solar inverters are in charge of converting direct current generated by a solar power plant into alternating current which can then be further distributed to local consumers within the facility, or to the network if the facility is connected to the network.

When we talk about the two main groups of inverters, they are the so-called “string inverters” and “microinverters”. In the first case, usually one inverter is in charge of all panels of the solar power plant, while in the latter case one microinverter takes care of one photo panel and they communicate with each other for optimal production. Both groups have their advantages and disadvantages.

String inverters are at the forefront with their lower cost and ease of installation, and many have an MPTT function that optimizes performance entire solar power plants. Among the disadvantages are the possible difficulties in upgrading the solar power plant, shorter life expectancy compared to microinverters and inefficiencies in partial shading.

Microinverters, on the other hand, offer optimal control of each of the installed photovoltaic modules, consequently a higher amount of generated energy, longer service life and the ease of upgrading a solar power plant. Disadvantages include the initial investment cost, maintenance, and the amount of hardware on your roof.

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